Do I need to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)?

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A. It is not always necessary, but it is better to pass the test.
Basically, ‘Can you read and write documents and e-mails for business?’ ‘Can you have a conversation with your colleague or business partner?’ is requested. It does not necessarily need to pass, it is a material that objectively judges Japanese ability (reading / writing / conversation).
However, many of the recruiters for new graduates targeting foreign students and foreign nationals as accepting JLPT N2 as one of the conditions for entry. Especially in large enterprises.
Sometimes, it is stated in some cases such as “Although passing is not indispensable as a condition for application to recruitment, N2 or more is necessary as a guide”
• Literary job such as sales or planning (N2 or higher)
• The job that makes full use of language skills such as interpreting, translation, international trade and trade (N1)
• Technical professional such as a programmer or more (N3 or higher)
With JIKOPY, even those who don’t have or not passed the JLPT can appeal to recruiters with your registered self-introduction message or profile video. Even those who have not taken the exam, still have the big opportunity!


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