Register your profile video and appeal to in charge of HR development of Japanese companies!

If you want to earn “more” scout messages from in charge of employment of Japanese companies, please register (upload) your profile video.
In charge of HR development of Japanese companies who are using JIKOPY to recruiting overseas talents will search for those who are registering profile video as scout targets.
1. As for the profile video, length of the video is the best for 1-3 minutes.
2. Speech in Japanese is recommended.(second is English)
3. Please refer to below about the information of the speech.
■ Common theme that wishes to all people to include in a speech
Simple self-introduction (Name, School, Department, Specialty)
■ Recommended theme (choose 2 ~ 3 themes and selected for speech)
• What is your strength (strength) and good point (strong point)? How can you use it for work?
• Are you studying something except school and Japanese? How do you learn it?
• What was your most hard work during your study abroad (while you are in a Japanese university or a Japanese language school)?
• Why did you decide to come to Japan?
• Have you made an effort to come to Japan?
• Why do you want to work in Japanese or Japanese companies?
• What is the work for you?
• What kind of industry or occupation do you want to work by?
• What kind of things do you like? And why?
• Please tell me about your special ability and hobby.
• Please tell me your dream.


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