A. We don’t help finding a job directly.

First of all, please register to JIKOPY. JIKOPY is free for job seekers. Please do not worry.
After registering and logging in (Sign In), you can search and view “job information” from Japanese companies recruiting foreign employees at the moment.
If you find a company that suits your requirements or a company that you would like to talk about more, please apply.
From then on, online interviews (Skype, Hangout etc.), actual interview (visit to Japan, own living country), submission of additional documents, exchange with e-mail etc. are carried out according to the selection rule of the applicant company.
If you pass the screening interview and mutually agree on terms of employment etc., you will be signed an employment contract.
With the signing of an employment contract, It is going to do the procedures for obtaining the qualification for stay, mainly led by the recruitment company.

However, before you apply for a recruitment, please register (update) “academic record, employment history, Profile videos etc.”!

When recruitment managers of a Japanese company receive notification of entry, in addition to “application video”, they refer to personal information of everyone (job seeker) registered in JIKOPY and conducts the first screening .
The more this information is detailed and accurate, the more you can pass easily with the first screening.


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